Development of Safer Chemicals

Better and less toxic products are needed to protect human health, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and stop pollution and the degradation of biodiversity. Even a circular economy can only truly be called sustainable when products do not contain hazardous ingredients.

Therefore, chemical companies need full control of their product ingredients and how their products serve society and a sustainable world. Companies need to walk their talk by ensuring safer products right from the design stage and actively marketing them.

The approach to these questions is paramount to create a foundation for healthy profits in the future, as well as to avoid costly last-minute substitution forced by regulation.

Criteria in this category:

  • The company has a method in place to screen and assess the sustainability of its products
  • The screening includes intrinsic hazards of ingredients
  • Making use of GreenScreen to assess safer alternatives in the last 5 years
  • Application of strict cut-off criteria for the development of new products (SVHC criteria)
  • Implementing principles of Green Chemistry
  • Active marketing of greener, sustainable products on website
  • Availability of products with less or eliminated toxicity (list for Marketplace candidates)
  • Extra points awarded for listing products on ChemSec Marketplace