What’s included and what’s not?

All information in ChemScore builds on information in the public domain, such as production of synthetic chemicals in the EU and US, including potential production from companies’ subsidiaries on these continents.


Chemical data included in ChemScore

  • In ChemScore, production refers only to the number of hazardous chemicals produced – not the volume.
  • Each company’s total production of hazardous chemicals is set in relation to the company’s total revenue to be able to compare and provide a more nuanced picture.
  • Some companies have business units that are not related to chemicals. However, the revenues of these units are still included in our formula and thus affect the score.
  • Since this is a global benchmark, it is important to balance the uncertainty regarding production outside of the EU/US markets, which is not publicly available. The points awarded for a low-hazard portfolio only reflect the EU and US market share.

Read more about the formula we used


Out of scope

  • The production of hazardous chemicals outside of the EU and US, which cannot be obtained from public sources.
  • The production of pharmaceuticals. As pharmaceuticals are treated by investors as a separate sector, we have not included them in ChemScore.
  • Information about the volumes and revenue for each hazardous substance, which is not publicly available.
  • Chemicals that include physical danger, such as explosiveness or fire hazard.