ChemScore ranks the world’s top 35 chemical producers on their work to reduce their chemical footprint. It was developed in order to provide investors with better information to assess which companies have strong chemicals management strategies, and which that do not.

The organisation behind ChemScore is the NGO International Chemical Secretariat – ChemSec. For over 15 years, ChemSec has been driving the change to safer chemicals, for example, by administering the SIN List and by working with big brands like Apple, IKEA, Lego and H&M to identify and reduce hazardous chemicals in consumer products. ChemSec is also very active in the policy arena and advocate progressive chemicals legislation to reduce the negative health and environmental effects of hazardous chemicals. In addition, ChemSec advise investors to take chemical criteria into account when investing in sustainable companies, to safeguard future profits.

ChemScore is made possible with the support of the Swedish Postcode Foundation.

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